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Airline consolidators are just one source to finding discount airfares. When your searching the web for cheap airfares you want a website that searches for all fare types. Our search engine searches airline consolidators, published airfares, student airfares and web airfares. We update this site on a daily basis looking for the best of the airline consolidators cheap airfares sold on the web today. To learn more about what airline consolidator airfaes are see the information below the booking engine.

At we compare cheap tickets from the airlines, published fares and web fare aggregators. With over 8 million discount international airfares we have available to our engine finding cheap tickets should be easy. We suggest if your airline consolidators flights are available, you make your buying decision fast. You can book your airfares online any time or call 888-346-5795 Monday - Friday between 8am-5pm cst.

About Airline Consolidators Cheap International Flights

Airline consolidators airfares are one fare source we specialize in are. These airfares are unique because the price can be much lower than published airfares, but have severe penalties if you want to change or cancel your paid reservation. Most airline consolidators have contracts to sell discount airfares that are also restricted by seat class. This means that when those seats are sold out, the consolidator, if they have a contract can sell you a higher fare in a different seat class. Once a consolidator airfare is booked most airlines do not allow you to cancel your ticket. Some airlines will allow you to cancel however they can hit you with penalties of up to 100% of the ticket price. These discount airfares also have the same restrictions on changes. Most airlines will never allow you to do a name change on a airline consolidator airfare. If they allow you to make a date change then it will cost you up to $500.00 in penalties plus any changes in the airfare. Each airline has there own rules and penalties.

Please remember with oil prices expected to climb again during the summer and the airlines expected to cut their flight inventory, airfares are expected to remain high. If you find cheap airfares on our site please consider buying now. Airline Consolidators tickets as well as other fare types operate on seasonal pricing. The discounted flights are found during low season which normally departs January-March & November to Mid December. Shoulder Season which is the next set of higher airfares starts in April - May & September - October. High season fares which is the most expensive go from June - August and the holiday season in December 10-25th.

We specialize in selling cheap international flights and domestic airfares. sells discount airfares going destinations including: Airfares to Asia, Airfares to Africa, Airfares to Central America, Airfares to South America, Airfares to Europe, Airfares to Middle East, Airfares to South Pacific and Airfares to the Indian subcontinent. Please be aware that consolidator airfares are normally cheaper than published airline tickets. This is because consolidated airline tickets carry heavy penalties. If you want to try and change and cancel your airline tickets after ticketed most consolidated ticket are non-refundable.

If you can be flexible with your dates, you will find cheaper fares when you fly Mondays-Thursday. The airlines allow the cheap tickets to be sold Monday-Thursday because it's not considered to be peak traveling time. When we quote airline prices, the airfares shown take into account weekday and weekend travel. All prices shown in the booking engine include all fuel surcharges and taxes. A FedEx shipping fee of $20.00 for standard shipping will apply to airline tickets that require paper tickets. Please be aware that in by the end of 2007 most airlines will be required to do e-ticketing, but until then it's on a case by case basis. All airline tickets including airline consolidators flights, published flights, student flights and webfares are Non-Refundable. When a discount airfare is booked we must verify the flights, flight connections and your credit card information to ensure you have valid flights and payment information. Please be aware that until a ticket is ticketed all prices are subject to change and availability.

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ChicagoPrague06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1273.00
DenverFrankfurt06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1505.00
Los AngelesAmsterdam06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1406.80
MiamiBarcelona06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1144.00
DallasParis06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1291.00
SeattleFrankfurt06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1396.00
New YorkParis06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1241.00
DenverLondon06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1344.00
San DiegoRome06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1506.00
Los AngelesLondon06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1299.00
PhoenixParis06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1398.00
PhoenixLondon06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1189.00
BostonParis06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1152.00
New YorkNairobi06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1635.00
New YorkJohannesburg 06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1357.00
Los AngelesNairobi06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$2110.00
Los AngelesJohannesburg 06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1491.00
Chicago Nairobi06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$1832.00
ChicagoJohannesburg 06/01/2012 - 08/31/2012$993.00

Rules: All taxes and surcharges Included. Fares are subject to change without notice. Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed.